Saturday, April 11, 2009


A pair of LeBron inspired AF1's.

Very nice combination of the red with the gum sole. I am always a fan of the gum colour sole. I'm starting to the think that the iconic brand that Jordan created might be in for some competition with LeBron. Okay, before all you Jordan faithful out there torch this blog up and rip it up, hear me out. The Jordan brand is one of my favourite, even though it costs an arm and a leg for the right to own it, and it will continue to be a brand name that will survive for decades to come. There is always a reason for my madness.

LeBron is starting to really make a name for himself on the court, especially if he can lead the Cavs to a Larry O'Brien trophy in the near future. Maybe even grab 2-5 of them in the next 7-10 years. James has this special drive to him, on and off the court, that will never stop even when it seems he has everything in the world. He wants to be the first $1,000,000,000 athlete, yup One Billion Dollars!!! With the power he posesses he has the ability to really challenge Jordan for brand superiority.

There are plenty of things that might stand in his way though. Remember when Vince Carter was playing for the Raptors when his high flying ways was making highlight reels and everyone was branding him as the next IT athlete. Well, as time progressed and reveiled, the Carter brand wasn't a classic that would last through time. The Carter shoes were nice but the VC brand just didn't live up to the hype, not due to the brand, but more due to his role on the court. If LeBron wants to make his brand iconic and be the first billion dollar athlete, he needs to be healthy just like Jordan and make sure to follow his PR representative.

I do see LeBron maintaining his King Kong size brand and growing to iconic and classic status but only time will tell if it actually happens. The battle will rage on between the current heavyweight champion, Jordan, and the up and coming LBJ.

Wonder how many Jordans or LBJ shoes I'll have in the future. Hopefully my salary can support my love of shoes.

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