Saturday, April 18, 2009

AAA Player

Lincecum, if Zito is giving you advice on the opposite.

Who is the highest paid AAA player in baseball right now? If you jump to Google and try to find him you'll be way off. Why do you ask? Well, the highest paid AAA player is in fact currently sitting on a Major League Baseball roster. His name, Barry Zito. Yes, the question may have been a little deceiving but I guess everything about this post and Zito have to be deceiving.

Just look at his stats since he signed a 7 year $126 million contract. Seriously, go and check it out...I'll even put a link here for you so you don't have to Google it. Is this what you get for $126million because if it is Billy Beane is laughing his ass off at how the Giants threw away money. It was a contract year and the A's, notorious cheap skates or as equity guys call it value investors, decided to step aside and let someone else over pay and suffer the consequences of a Zito that would throw nothing but batting practice during Major League games.

Every time I watch this guy and every time I see his name in the stats, all I do is laugh because of how stupid the Giants were to sign this guy to a organizational death trap of 7 years!!! Man, how stupid can can an organization be.

I know the Giants are paying this guy around $18million a year and that is kind of pricy to send his ass down to AAA but they should do it. The Giants need to embarass this so called major league pitcher because it doesn't seem like he cares about anything except knowing his salary is deposited on payday. Guy is 0-2 with a lovely 10.0ERA so far this season. What do you honestly have to lose except win some dam games. If you don't want to send him down to AAA send him to the bullpen and make him a lefty specialist but come on, leaving him in the starting rotation is just stupid. How the hell can you sell your team to Giants' fans as a competitive ballclub in search of a World Series when you have Barry Zito as a starter in your rotation. Don't look for him to turn it around because if you continue to do so, you'll continue to be the laughing stock of the major leagues.

Seriously, 7 year $126million, tell me the truth, what were you smoking when the contract negotiations went down.

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