Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Jays started the season in a big way and guess who led the charge, the rookies! Okay, Wells and Rios pitched in with some hits and runs but in my eyes the big story here are the two youngins, Travis Snider and Adam Lind. Both chipped in with a bomb a piece. Just look at the numbers that they posted in their first game.

Adam Lind - 4/5, 2Rs, 1HR, and 6RBIs.
Travis Snider - 2/4, 1R, 1HR, and 1 RBI.

I will and have always rooted for the Jays but I still don't see them making the playoffs this year. This was great opening the season with a victory but the boys have the keep this going for another 161 games, the baseball season is nothing but a marathon especially through the hot/humid/hazy days of summer coming up.

They have plenty of places they need fixing, cough cough, pitching.

Looking on the positive side, the Jays do have a bright future with Rios, Wells, Snider, and Lind in the mix.


eyebleaf said...

It's time for our young arms to rise up to the occasion, just like the Rays' arms did last year.

Did you think they'd make the playoffs?

The Jays have a good lineup, right? A lineup good enough for them to qualify, surely. It's all about the pitching, I agree with you, but these guys can't be written off just yet.

On The Fence Sports said...

Wasn't able to catch the game but from the highlights I was pleasantly surprised. With a core of Wells, Rios, Snider, and Lind, the Jays have a strong group of guys that can sustain success for years to come.

Pitching is where our Achilles heal is. We need one or two of the guys to step up and have career years because without them it is going to be a long year behind our god The Doc. He deserves his name being in bold letters.

Rays making the playoffs was one of the biggest surprises from the past 10 years!!! I just hope the Jays can put a strong contending team on the field of SkyDome because the people of Toronto need something to cheer for especially during these tough times.

twentyfifthhour said...

I'm absolutely STOCKED that I have Lind in the baseball pool. This guy is going to have a special year.

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